What you need to buy weed in Montreal

weed online in Montreal

A slow but sure transformation of weed culture and economics in Canada is trickling down to how people buy weed in Montreal, as well as how cannabis companies do business with them. Gone are simpler days, where buying weed in Montreal was all done underground, and a trip to Mont Royal or a subtle stroll down Rue St-Denis were what it took for you to score an eighth.

In a new age, Montreal weed users get to juggle between dealers, storefronts, and websites. Those who want to make a business out of selling cannabis must partner with the government of Québec in order to do so. Down is up, and up is down while new and legal ways of doing business take their place in the market. Buying weed in Montreal is now hipster and corporate.

It’s helpful to have any and all clear advantages during these shifting times. No matter if you’re a business or single cannabis user, here are a couple of key takeaways you need to consider when you go to buy weed in Montreal.

Cannabis Card

Getting a cannabis card comes with numerous benefits, starting with access to stellar medical dispensaries like BudgetGreens, and CheapCanna. Dispensaries such as these carry Canada’s widest range of weed products, and they all come with teams who work to create medical-grade products that result in the best pot for your mind, body, and soul. They say so in their missions. BudgetGreens aims to transform their customers’ lives thanks to the high quality of their products.

Still not convinced? Here are a few more reasons why you should consider getting a cannabis card for when you buy weed in Montreal.

1. Supply

Canada’s cannabis market has already seen shortages that affect supply lines across entire provinces. For recreational users, this means that, if a shortage disrupts a province’s supply, there are no more legal ways to buy weed in Montreal. Medical cannabis cardholders, on the other hand, face no geographical restrictions when it comes to buying from suppliers. They can buy from medical dispensaries all over Canada with stabler supplies. To boot, medical cannabis providers usually prioritise access to their products for cannabis card holding medical clients.

2. Cost

Medical cannabis is a prescription medication, which means that it’s a cost that can be covered by health insurance. Major Canadian insurers have already sponsored employer plans where medical marijuana is covered. Through the plan, the insurer reimburses the employee for the costs of their medical marijuana. What you need to understand is this: with a medical cannabis card, there are healthcare plans that will buy your pot for you.

3. Possession Limit

The possession limit for recreational cannabis is thirty grams, a little over one ounce of weed. Medical marijuana users, however, face relaxed restrictions. They may legally possess up to 150 grams at one time. The difference in quantities permitted speaks for itself.

Reliable supplier

Before thinking about suppliers, businesses wanting to sell and buy weed in Montreal must partner with the SQDC. Because the SQDC is the only entity allowed to sell weed in Montreal, any recreational cannabis vendor must be an affiliate of it in order to sell their products. On the other hand, online companies licensed to sell medical cannabis like BudgetGreens and CheapCanna can conduct business with cannabis cardholders independently.

In cahoots with the SQDC? Licensed to sell medical cannabis? Good. Now, when thinking about how to find a reliable supplier for your cannabis business, what should be your priorities?

1. Range of Products

Beware of buying from a supplier with a long list of products to sell. There is a likelihood these suppliers are buying their products at a wholesale price, marking everything up, and making a profit off of selling to you at an upcharge.

If, as a business, you want to offer a broad range of quality cannabis products, that’s a savvy and noble model. But you will be best served building your inventory by buying from suppliers who are “subject matter experts” and sell a smaller range of products. It’ll be the best of both worlds, high-quality products sold for more reasonable prices.

2. Timing

Your success as a business will be based on maintaining your inventory according to your demand. It’s important to buy from business distributors who can work with the pace of your business cycle. It’s no use to take advantage of a distributor’s insane prices if it takes more than six weeks for anything to arrive and be put in stock.

3. Know the Laws (or the Right Database)

All cannabis distributors fall within greater governmental jurisdictions, which oversee how they are licensed and where they are able to sell their products. In order to be licensed, these distributors have to undergo rigorous internal and externing testing in order to be considered compliant (able to hold a licence) and sell products.

A distributor’s licensing will depend on which jurisdiction it falls under. The legal language for all of these different licensing processes would be impossible for any person or business to remember. Instead, here is a database that lists all of the currently licensed cannabis distributors in Canada. With a few clicks, you can cross reference every distributor you come across with the official database to which they should belong. If you don’t come across the name you were looking for, then that raises immediate questions about the nature of said distributor, and you may have a bad apple.

A Credit Card

No more digging through your sock drawer for a couple extra dollars or running last-second to the closest ATM machine (and taking on its fees). All you need in order to buy from BudgetGreens is to be able to correctly recite your credit card number. It’s safe, fast, and easy. The website saves your billing information so that, when you come back for your next purchase, you can skip having to reenter your information. And BudgetGreens’ safe payment protection paired with its discreet billing methods means your financial information will never be compromised, and your transaction will be billed, shipped, and delivered in a professional, low-key manner.

An address

Not much feels worse than accidentally wasting good cannabis. What could be more wasteful than purchasing some cannabis online, only to not have an actual address where it can be sent? Or, perhaps worse, buying said cannabis and then putting in the wrong address?

BudgetGreens and other online dispensaries need you to provide a complete, accurate shipping address when you make a purchase. Don’t be like one of the misfortuned above. BudgetGreens does its part by shipping you its products at lightning speeds. Do your part and make sure that, when it arrives, your cannabis has actually gotten to you and not landed somewhere in Timbuktu.

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