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5 Best Daytime Strain with Excellent Relaxing Effects

krazy glue strain

Cannabis is a versatile plant that offers a wide range of effects. One of the best features of cannabis is that it can be used for both daytime and nighttime use. As the name suggests, daytime strains are best for productivity, creativity, high energy, and focus. Nighttime weed strains are best for sleep and relaxation.  […]

Punch Breath Strain – Get Punched by Its Strong Effects

punch breath strain

Punch Breath strain is an Indica dominant hybrid strain with strong effects, hence the name. It is a cross between Mendo Breath and Purple Punch and is an excellent choice for having a blissed-out day. It offers uplifting and relaxing feelings but beware of its “punching” effects. New users best stay away from this strain.  […]

Decoding the Essence of the Ice Cream Strain

ice cream strain

Ice Cream eating is fun, & for some, a way to feel relaxed or cheerful. The ice cream strain is not much different as it has a great taste & scent, & it might make users feel happy. However, overindulging might not be a great idea because of its higher-than-average THC content. What is the Ice Cream […]

Making Your First Cookie with the Rockstar Strain

Rockstar Strain

Well, who doesn’t love a cookie or two every now and then? But what if your homemade cookie is loaded with your beloved Rockstar strain? Wouldn’t you love to take a bite and spend the day all relaxed and stress-free? Well, with holidays coming up soon, it is time to prepare your very first Rockstar […]

Identifying the Gorilla Bomb Strain the Right Way

Gorilla Bomb Strain

In your journey to explore the various marijuana strains, it is better to understand each strain before you actually try it out. If you have recently ordered the Gorilla Bomb strain, it is obvious for you to be skeptical regarding its authenticity if you have never tried this strain. So, how would you be certain […]

Snoop’s Dream Strain – An Uplifting, Hybrid Strain from Snoop Dog

snoops dream strain

If you are looking for celebrity cannabis strains, Snoop Dog is one of the most popular advocates. Snoop’s Dream strain is one of the most popular hybrid strains with THC content ranging between 18% to 25%. It’s a rare strain with 50% of Indica and 50% of Sativa in it. Just the singer, the strain […]

OG Kush vs. Rockstar Strain: A quick comparison

rockstar strain

Generally, there are 2 reasons why individuals use cannabis like OG Kush & Rockstar strain. One is for recreational needs & the other is for medicinal purposes. Anyhow, the motive is simple & that is to feel great, both physically & mentally. What is OG Kush Strain? OG Kush is a renowned strain with a name that […]

What are Burma Mushrooms & Why They are So Popular?

burma mushrooms

Magic mushrooms are mushrooms that have the hallucinogenic chemical compound known as the Psilocybin. These types of mushrooms are found all over the world and are known by different names. Different strains of mushrooms offer different results. One of the well-known shrooms are the Burma mushroom. The Burma mushrooms are the one of the strongest […]

Burma Mushrooms – 6 Facts To Know This Strain Better

burma mushrooms

Burma mushrooms are known for their visual trips. It causes such a visual and auditory hallucination that you will feel like you are in a different world. Its mind-altering effects are very famous and they are well-suited for experienced users. If you are a beginner, it would be great if you stayed away from it. […]