What are Burma Mushrooms & Why They are So Popular?

burma mushrooms

Magic mushrooms are mushrooms that have the hallucinogenic chemical compound known as the Psilocybin. These types of mushrooms are found all over the world and are known by different names. Different strains of mushrooms offer different results. One of the well-known shrooms are the Burma mushroom.

The Burma mushrooms are the one of the strongest shrooms in the world. It has many unique features and offers very strong results, making it a popular choice for shroom users.

If you are looking to take your shrooms game to the next level, Burma strain is your next station.

What is a Burma Mushroom?

The Burma mushroom is scientifically known as Psilocybe Cubensis and is a species of psychedelic mushroom. Just like any other magic mushroom, it also contains chemical compounds like psilocybin and psilocin. They are well-known for their strong effects as well as easy cultivation. It is a widely distributed mushroom strain as growing them is very easy. You can even get your own cultivation kit if you have time and inspiration to do it. And, if you only wish to enjoy it, you can easily buy Burma mushrooms online at Budget Greens.

If you are wondering why it’s called Burma Mushroom even though the species is found all over the world, there is a legend regarding its origin. It is believed that John W. Allen, an amateur ethnomycologiest, got the strain from one of his students in Burma. As per the stories, he grew the strain and helped it reach different parts of the world. It is interesting to notice that all types of Burma mushroom spores can be traced back to its first cultivation.

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Why are Burma Mushrooms So Popular?

There are basically two sets of reasons for its popularity: Easy cultivation and high potency.

The Burma strain is the strongest magic mushroom strain you will find on earth. Shrooms can cause hallucination, dream-like feelings, extreme relaxation, intense feelings and visual experiences. The first effects can be very intense. Which is why, beginners need to be very careful while using this strain. If you are someone who has enough experience with mushrooms, this strain is the next big level.

The second reason why the Burma strain is so popular is that it’s easy to cultivate it. It is a highly potent strain and it grows fast, faster than any species of mushrooms. When you grow them from spores, it can easily colonize the space. The caps develop in different shades of brown and they can reach the height of medium length to large.

What to Expect from Burma Mushrooms?

Magic mushrooms of any kind offer a wide range of effects. These effects can vary from person to person. Some might feel euphoric while others may get inspired spiritually. So, you can expect a wide range of effects from the Burma strain too. But the effects may different from one person to another.

The effects of Burma strain are intense. First time users can experience intense feelings, so it is better to start slow. Next, the effects the strain will have on you will depend on things like:

  • Age and tolerance level
  • Your personality and what your mushroom experience
  • What you ate before using
  • The person you are with when taking the mushroom
  • How you take it – raw or edible or extract
  • Do you also consume alcohol or other substances?

These are some of the factors that can influence how you feel after taking the Burma mushroom. Make sure that you know what to expect and ready for that intense sensation.

As for the doses, 1 to 2 grams of dried Burma mushroom is enough to start with. Make sure that you are using the right dose. The amount of mushroom one needs will depend on your tolerance level. So, it is better to start small and then move up if you don’t get the desired results.

What is the Onset Time for the Burma Mushroom?

Burma Mushroom has a quick onset time between 10 to 30 minutes. As mentioned above, the effects may vary from person to person depending on various factors. So, it can be as fast as 10 minutes for some users while others may get the trip at 30 minutes or more. Don’t worry though, it will eventually start showing the effects. After it hits, you will feel light and relaxed. Your mood will improve and you feel quite euphoric and excited.

Like most of shrooms, the Burma mushrooms too offer intense visual enhancements or hallucinations. You might find things come alive and move even though they are not. And, you might feel like going into nature and meditating. Spirituality is something you can experience under the influence of this strain.

You might start feeling inspired to create art or be more appreciative of music and creativity. Don’t feel surprised, if you feel like a philosopher under the influence of the mushroom. The trip may last for 3 to 6 hours depending on the doses and your tolerance level.

Where to Buy Burma Mushrooms?

The best place to buy Burma mushrooms is an online store like Budget Greens. Online stores like ours offer a wide range of options. You can choose from various strains and get them at a very affordable price without compromising on the quality.

Buying your mushroom online can save you a lot of time and cost. Make sure that you find the right seller when looking for online shrooms to buy. Read online reviews and customer feedbacks to find the best online supplier. Quality is paramount for both safety and desired results. Always invest in quality mushrooms and then focus on the price.

The best thing about buying shrooms online is that you can buy premium-grade shrooms without spending a fortune on them. Given the options available today, you can choose from a wide range of options, such as edibles and extracts.

The Bottom Line

The Burma Mushrooms are one of the most potent shrooms species and offer intenses visuals, overall great trip. It is widely found across the globe and is very popular. You can use this to feel euphoric, relaxed and spiritual. If you want to take your mushroom experience to the next bug level, use the Burma strain and see the amazing effects it can create for you.

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