Where to buy cannabis in Montreal?

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A transformed cannabis scene has changed everything about what it means to buy cannabis in Montreal. Thanks to changes in the law, advancements in medicine, and the arrival of the online marketplace, buying cannabis in Montreal has shifted from a sly business of passing grams between hands to an open industry that everyone and their mother can see.

The only constant in this swirling sea of change is the confusion held by you, the Montreal cannabis user. You still want to know the answer to an age-old question: what is the best way for me to buy weed in Montreal? While the Société Québécoise du Cannabis (SQDC) has introduced Montreal’s first public cannabis dispensaries, things like long lines, high prices, and mediocre product have prevented these dispensaries from becoming the preferred way to buy weed in Montreal.

Wary of the SQDC’s glossy storefronts yet underwhelming execution? Burnt out on a cannabis dealer you can hardly ever get a hold of? In this digital age, it’s time for you to consider the internet when buying weed in Montreal. With companies like BudgetGreens offering the best prices for medical-grade cannabis that you can find, while also delivering right to your door, the booming method of conducting business on the internet has made it all the way to those of us trying to buy weed in Montreal.

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There are now four SQDC-sponsored dispensaries where you can recreationally buy cannabis in Montreal. They each have the required stereotypes of a weed dispensary – soothing, psychedelic music, the sterile silence of a doctor’s office’s waiting room, and more of the colour white than a snow-capped ski slope. It’s somewhat reality-defying to think that, in this day and age, it’s as easy to buy weed in Montreal downtown as it is to walk into Starbucks and order a coffee.

But while their presence represents a groundbreaking development in the city, it remains that 1.) There are only a small number of these public dispensaries and 2.) They are in a central downtown location. Despite being three years into being able to legally buy weed in Montreal, these dispensaries are still far from a useful cannabis buying option for many Montrealers. Their location makes them inconvenient options for many residents elsewhere in the city, their high prices cut out chunks of the city’s population, and, what’s more, recreational cannabis dispensaries in Quebec and throughout Canada have faced recent supply shortages while consumers rush to stock up during the pandemic. The beautiful interior and helpful staff of a public dispensary can’t amount to much if there isn’t any product to stock their shelves.

The SQDC’s ongoing, imperfect effort to create a platform where you can buy weed in Montreal points to a recurring truth: There can be many benefits to a government regulating and selling a certain product. However, the execution of these sales often takes lots of stops and starts to get right.

Fortunately, the internet has intervened. Online dispensaries like BudgetGreens and CheapCanna boast some of the best cannabis product lines there are to shop from. Plus, they prevent you from even having to worry about long lines and wait times. These online dispensaries beat the SQDC’s inconveniences, while also providing a safe, legal way for Montreal cannabis users to make purchases.

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As mentioned before, the internet has fortunately intervened. The online marketplace has exploded as a place where cannabis can be sold. In Canada, online medical cannabis dispensaries like BudgetGreens are changing the game thanks to revolutionizing delivery times while selling dispensary-caliber cannabis for prices you can find on the street.

Online dispensary BudgetGreens guarantees that its shipments will arrive between 2-4 business days. This is the standard among online cannabis distributors. These dispensaries recognize an obvious con of buying cannabis in Montreal – the wait times. They seek to create a buying experience where waiting unnecessarily isn’t part of the equation. Whenever you go online to purchase, you will be told exactly when to expect the arrival or your shipment. All you have to do is time the purchase right, and you’ll never have to spend the inconvenient time waiting for a dispensary line to thin or your cannabis dealer to reply.

The quality of medical-grade dispensaries like BudgetGreens and CheapCanna speaks for itself. Because these dispensaries are legally recognized to sell medical cannabis, they must undergo rigorous, ongoing testing. Failing these tests would result in fines as well as the companies losing their licence to sell medical cannabis. Simply put, such medical dispensaries can’t afford to create a poor product. A bad and/or dangerous product would be disastrous, potentially even putting them out of business. Know that, when you buy cannabis from a medical cannabis dispensary, you’re buying from a dispensary with the most amount of incentive to sell you a high-quality product.

Lastly, good prices speak for themselves. In every industry – buying weed in Montreal is no different – the best deal is when you get the highest quality for the best price. When it comes to buying weed in Montreal, look no further than online. All it takes is the straightforward process of applying for a cannabis card. With this card in hand, you’ll be able to shop online at some of Canada’s highest-rated dispensaries and actually save a buck or two in the process. (Seriously, I can’t stop recommending that you go check out the $98 ounces that BudgetGreens has on sale.)


If you’re a traditionalist, then maybe hitting up your favourite dealer or killing time in long lines outweigh the perks of buying weed in Montreal from online dispensaries. You know what you like, and that doesn’t include change. To that end, here is a website where you can find used Model-Ts for sale.

For the rest of you, it’s time to consider what buying weed in Montreal will look like in the future. Now that the internet has changed how we shop for and learn about products in every other industry, why shouldn’t cannabis be the same?

By crowdsourcing the public’s feedback about their products, making it easy for you to find and purchase their products, and almost literally delivering their cannabis right to your lap, BudgetGreens, CheapCanna, and other online dispensaries are helping make cannabis mainstream in the right way and ushering the industry towards a danker (you get it) future.

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