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CBD vs. THC – What’s the Difference?


CBD vs. THC – Wondering what the difference is? With the legalization of Cannabis, its demand is rapidly growing. As the influx of cannabis-related products is increasing, people are becoming more and more curious to know the difference between CBD and THC. A lot of people believe these two compounds to be similar because both are […]

Cannabis Storage Problems – How to Improve the Shelf Life of Your Cannabis Infused Edibles


Cannabis storage problems are something that everyone experiences. Improper storage can mean that your cannabis buds go to waste. They can lose potency, grow mold, and just deteriorate before you get a chance to consume them. This causes a waste of money because you should never smoke expired cannabis. The confusion in cannabis storage problems is further magnified when […]

Cannabis Montreal: A complete guide for tourists and locals

Cannabis buds from Montreal

Table of Contents Where can you buy cannabis in Montreal? 1.1 Dealers 1.2 SQDC Dispensaries 1.3 Buying Cannabis Online 1.4 Where Can You Smoke Cannabis in Montreal? What you need to buy cannabis in Montreal? 2.1 Dealers 2.2 SQDC Dispensaries 2.3 Buying Cannabis Online Benefits of buying online cannabis in Montreal 3.1 Benefits of Weed Delivery 3.2 Quality of the Product 3.3 Reviews Conclusion It […]

13 Reasons Why People Use Medical Cannabis – and Getting High Isn’t One of Them


You must be well aware of the popular stigma that has developed around the use of cannabis. People generally believe that users use it to ‘get high’ only. However, the legalization of medical cannabis in various countries has crushed the misconception. So, why people use medical cannabis for then? People with chronic health conditions may use […]

6 Ways How CBD Can Help You in Your Everyday Life


If you’re wondering how CBD can help you in your everyday life, this article is for you! Even though CBD is widely known all over the world now, there is still a lot of stigma surrounding it. People believe CBD will get you high. This is a huge misconception. CBD is extracted from cannabis oil and […]

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