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Cannabis Montreal: A complete guide for tourists and locals

Cannabis buds from Montreal

Table of Contents Where can you buy cannabis in Montreal? 1.1 Dealers 1.2 SQDC Dispensaries 1.3 Buying Cannabis Online 1.4 Where Can You Smoke Cannabis in Montreal? What you need to buy cannabis in Montreal? 2.1 Dealers 2.2 SQDC Dispensaries 2.3 Buying Cannabis Online Benefits of buying online cannabis in Montreal 3.1 Benefits of Weed Delivery 3.2 Quality of the Product 3.3 Reviews Conclusion It […]

OG Kush vs. Rockstar Strain: A quick comparison

rockstar strain

Generally, there are 2 reasons why individuals use cannabis like OG Kush & Rockstar strain. One is for recreational needs & the other is for medicinal purposes. Anyhow, the motive is simple & that is to feel great, both physically & mentally. What is OG Kush Strain? OG Kush is a renowned strain with a name that […]