OG Kush vs. Rockstar Strain: A quick comparison

rockstar strain

Generally, there are 2 reasons why individuals use cannabis like OG Kush & Rockstar strain. One is for recreational needs & the other is for medicinal purposes. Anyhow, the motive is simple & that is to feel great, both physically & mentally.

What is OG Kush Strain?

OG Kush is a renowned strain with a name that has accreditation even outside the world of cannabis. It is extensively touted across the world as a significant best-seller. OG Kush’s unmistakable flavor, blended with the potency of its effects, ensures a bomb high.

What is Rockstar Strain?

Rockstar is an Indica cannabis strain created by crossing Sensi Star & Rockbud. Rockstar strain produces strong mind & body effects that are sedating & euphoric. As you might see, this strain has a pedigree in relation to its lineage. Moreover, it’s been placed in the second spot during the past few editions of the Cannabis Cup.

OG Kush Vs. Rockstar Strain

So, before you buy your Rockstar strain, let’s make a quick comparison of it with the OG Kush strain.

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1-THC & CBD Content

OG Kush has a high THC content of around 20 to 25-percent. If we talk about its CBD content, it is nearly 0.30-percent.

On the other hand, the Rockstar strain has a THC content between 14 to 20-percent & the CBD percentage is between 0.01% to 0.06%.

2-Aroma & flavor

OG Kush’s signature aroma alters slightly depending on the specific herb, but typically it sits somewhere in the midst of opening a new sack of tennis balls & a ginger-kerosene blend. Much like its aroma, OG Kush tastes earthly & fresh. Moreover, it can be dank or aggressive, with potent lemon-fuel notes.

Rockstar strain has an intense aroma with a shade that is spicy & sweet, which becomes a bit earthy as the buds desiccate. Just like its aroma, Rockstar tastes similar yet more with a skunky taste with slight hints of citrus. Irrespective of how you feel for its fragrance, you might be amazed once you taste this strain. Possibilities are that you might find this exotic mix tasteful & a delight.


You will find that OG Kush is an Indica-dominant strain with 75-percent of Indica & 25-percent of Sativa present in it.

On the other hand, Rockstar strain has a balanced content of Indica & Sativa, meaning 50-percent Indica & 50-percent Sativa.


OG Kush is known to be a hard-hitting cannabis strain & it provides a mental buzz that is sedating & might cause couch-lock, particularly in heavy doses. OG Kush strain is a potent relaxant, broadly used to generate a chilled-out shape, with a blend of a constant state of delight & happiness. Moreover, the uplifting euphoria of OG Kush makes it a great pick to unwind at the close of a long & strenuous day.

Meanwhile, Rockstar strain starts by providing you a cerebral high that heightens your focus, but just for a short time. As the physical high begins, you slowly feel uplifted. Shortly, you are possibly going to discover yourself stuck on your couch, feeling great about yourself, & basically everything else. You will need some food by your side, as you might soon feel hungry.

Moreover, it would take each bit of self-discipline not to consume too much, as what follows is drowsiness & in no time at all, you would find yourself in the world of dreams snoring & rocking.

5-Medical Effects

OG Kush Strain help get relief from:

  • Insomnia – 6
  • Stress – 10
  • Headaches – 5
  • Depression – 8
  • Pain – 8

Because of its reputable potency & its higher THC levels, this strain is commonly prescribed to help treat several ailments. OG Kush provides profound muscular relief & relaxation, as well as long-lasting relief from migraines, nausea & headaches.

It is a favorite among users suffering from depression & anxiety because of its potential to induce a condition of peaceful unwinding. Moreover, insomnia & restlessness is also easily cured with the help of this strain. OG Kush does act as a potent pain-reliever for a wide range of physical & mental pains.

On the other hand, Rockstar strain help get relief from:

  • Insomnia – 7
  • Pain – 10
  • Lack of appetite – 5
  • Depression – 6
  • Stress – 9

People sought the Rockstar strain to get ease from the chronic pains & aches. Due to the potent body high that helps a user relax, Rockstar strain has proven to be efficient in minimizing stress.

Some other medical effects also come along with the consumption of the Rockstar strain. One is in tackling the lack of appetite, as you will tend to get hungry after few minutes of consuming this cannabis strain.

Moreover, it is also for those who face problems falling asleep, like having insomnia. When the physical high begins to dwindle, your body feels drained but not to the aspect of feeling like doped. Nonetheless, you will possibly fall asleep.


Going through the quick comparison between OG Kush & Rockstar strain, there is surely a debate to be made that both include negative health effects. However, you might find that Rockstar strain consumption is a lot better than OG Kush because of the less THC content in Rockstar. We hope this blog helped you get the knowledge you are seeking about the two cannabis strains & now you are ready to make the correct choice.

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