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Decoding the Essence of the Ice Cream Strain

ice cream strain

Ice Cream eating is fun, & for some, a way to feel relaxed or cheerful. The ice cream strain is not much different as it has a great taste & scent, & it might make users feel happy. However, overindulging might not be a great idea because of its higher-than-average THC content. What is the Ice Cream […]

OG Kush vs. Rockstar Strain: A quick comparison

rockstar strain

Generally, there are 2 reasons why individuals use cannabis like OG Kush & Rockstar strain. One is for recreational needs & the other is for medicinal purposes. Anyhow, the motive is simple & that is to feel great, both physically & mentally. What is OG Kush Strain? OG Kush is a renowned strain with a name that […]

Incredible Hulk Strain Guide 101: Everything You Need to Know

incredible hulk strain

This green strain seems equally as robust & powerful as the ever-famous green superhero Hulk. The Incredible Hulk strain is indeed a powerful Sativa-dominant strain that will put you to shame with its uplifting & energetic high. It has a delicious blueberry taste with hints of pine & pineapple. We’ve all had those days when we have […]