CBD Concentrates – A Brief Look at the Different Types of Concentrates and Their Benefits

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CBD concentrates are quickly becoming popular. Concentrates are suitable for people who are looking to get higher doses of THC. While in the past, concentrates were few and difficult to find, today, you can find a wide range to pick and choose from.

Reports say that marijuana contains 30% more THC content today. However, there are still scenarios and medical conditions where a more potent blend might be a better choice. Most concentrates have a higher percentage of CBD. In fact, certain CBD concentrates have a 99% purity rating.

Most medical consumers of CBD are looking for alternatives where they’re able to get the maximum relief as quickly as possible. These concentrates are able to meet this criterion with ease. Today, they’re among the fastest selling products in the CBD industry.

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The Benefits of CBD Concentrates

A large reason for the popularity of CBD concentrates has to do with their benefits. The benefits of CBD concentrates is the same as you would get from CBD oil. The following is a brief overview of some of the benefits you can get when you are using concentrates. 

1. Perfect for Chronic Pain

Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management –TCRM published a study which highlighted how CBD use can alleviate chronic pain in people. Using these concentrates guarantees fewer side effects for the person and takes effect faster. Considering the side effects, addiction, and other risks associated with opioids and other pain medication, CBD concentrates are considerably better.

2. Prevents Seizures

Low doses of CBD can help normalize brain function and reduce the risk of seizures in people. Different studies are being published by the medical community which highlights this fact. The purity of the CBD concentrate ensures that users receive only the best and purest form of THC and CBD.

3. Relieves Inflammation

CBD helps prevent or soothe inflammation in the body. There has been data which highlights the anti-inflammatory properties it has. CBD concentrates also affect the Endocannabinoid System– ECS in the body and helps calm down overactive cells. This, in turn, reduces the inflammation that a person may be experiencing.

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4. Soothes the Mind

CBD is very beneficial for people with mental illness like psychosis and schizophrenia. Regular use can lower paranoia, stress, and anxiety associated with their disorders. However, they need THC in lower amounts and CBD in concentrated doses. That makes these concentrates the perfect option for them.

5. Reduces Nausea

CBD helps cancer patients deal with nausea and other symptoms, especially the ones associated with their chemotherapy treatments. Additionally, patients with gastrointestinal conditions have found their symptoms reduced more by CBD. For them, cannabis-infused edibles are better because the CBD is being released into the bloodstream.

Given these benefits, it is easy to see just why most people prefer to use concentrates, oils, and edibles for medical purposes. Just be aware of the different types of concentrates that you can use.

The Different Types of CBD Concentrates 

Now, if you’re interested in getting CBD concentrates for medicinal purposes, you need to decide which type you want. These are available in different forms. These forms mainly depend upon the process of extraction for the CBD concentrate.

The following are some of the most common concentrates that you can find.

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1. CBD-Based Hash

This is made through the simplest process of extraction of CBD crystals off the hemp buds of a cannabis plant. This results in a product known as CBD kief. Kief is perfect for smoking and it is also compressed to produce hash. While it’s simple and easy to use, CBD hash is not known for its purity in terms of THC or CBD content.

It can contain compounds such as flavonoids, terpenes, etc. While these aren’t harmful to the body, it means that the product isn’t as potent as you would have expected. CBD hash is either smoked or ingested by cooking it. However, the substance must be further refined to convert any CBDA into CBD first.

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2. CBD Oil

CBD oil is one of the purest forms of CBD concentrates that you can find. However, you have to pay attention to the oil production process. As a general rule, professionally produced CBD oil will have a better result than homemade CBD oils.

Additionally, CBD oil is also one of the only forms of CBD concentrates which makes use of the whole plant. The extraction method requires the boiling of the plant, removing all plant matter, and refining the remaining product. Producing CBD oil also requires the use of specialized equipment so it’s not always a feasible home project to try.

3. CBD Shatter

CBD shatter is a concentrate which is for consumption through inhalation. This is the method that most people turn to when ingesting or smoking CBD concentrates is not giving the best results. CBD shatter is crystal-like in texture but it releases vapours when heated.

As stated previously, CBD shatter is specially made for this purpose. Inhaling the vapour also gives you a larger, concentrated dose of CBD without having to worry about smoke or tar build-up in the lungs. CBD shatter is often used by people who’re taking CBD for chronic medical conditions.

With the help of these details and your knowledge regarding the benefits of CBD concentrates, you can now pick the best one suited for you.

Buy From a Reliable Source

It is important to understand that the purity of the CBD concentrate will depend a lot on the supplier you are buying from. So, make sure that you’re working with a reputable source. While there are measures enforced to ensure that all CBD products are in accordance with the highest standards, there can still be some grey areas.

By choosing to buy from a reliable source, you can rest assured that you will get the most potent products. Furthermore, you’ll be able to get these CBD concentrates at the best prices in the market!

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