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Mushroom Gummies Can Keep Away Stress & Anxiety

Mushroom Gummies Can Keep Away Stress & Anxiety

Magic mushrooms are rarely associated with anything else than a hallucination. But psychedelic mushrooms can help manage anxiety and stress more effectively. Many people have claimed that magic mushrooms have helped them relax and feel better. Chances are there that they might be right. Mushroom’s edibles like gummies are very popular. They are easy to […]

How Potent are The Blue Meanie Mushrooms?

Blue Meanie Mushroom

Blue Meanie mushrooms aren’t just a single variant, rather a mix of two different strains. While one of the strains is psilocybe cubensis, another belongs to the Panaeolus cyanescens species. In a wider sense, the latter is considered the original “Blue Meanie.” Both these strains are considered psychoactive & can be used medicinally as well […]

Psilocybin Gummies – Advantages of Consume Magic Mushrooms This Way

psilocybin gummies

The psilocybin gummies are gelatinous sugary candies infused with doses of psilocybin extracts. They have become a new favorite in a very short time. When it comes to consuming magic mushrooms, delicious gummies are the best, according to various users. If you are wondering why one eats candy when you can eat the magic mushrooms […]

Everything You Need to Know About The Blue Meanie Mushroom

blue meanie mushroom

The Blue Meanies Mushroom is indeed a psychedelic mushroom variant of Psilocybe cubensis that is frequently referred to as a mushroom. These mushrooms, however, differ in a few respects. For starters, those were the first Panaeolus species that are not members of the Psilocybe genus. They include psychedelic & hallucinogenic compounds that exist naturally. In reality, these […]

How Do Magic Mushrooms Work on Your Body?

mushroom gummies

Psilocybin (magic mushroom) is a hallucinogen that works by triggering serotonin receptors, mostly in the prefrontal cortex (the part of your brain that affects cognition, perception & mood). Hallucinogens, like mushroom gummies, work in other areas of your brain that regulate stimulation & panic responses. However, magic mushrooms don’t always cause dynamic auditory or visual hallucinations. […]